10 Fun\Random Facts About Me.

10 Fun\Random Facts About Me.

I’d have written 20 but I’m sure I’d have run out of things to write so let me just keep it on a very basic level.

1. I’m mixed ( ethnicity), a lirru bit of Yoruba, a lirru bit of Delta. I’m from Delta State, Nigeria 🇳🇬 Shocked? Yes? No? I get asked this question a lot, I’m sure it’s cause I’m being called by my Yoruba name. ”You’re not Yoruba?” ”You look Yoruba oh” oh no boo you’re just assuming.

2. I laugh a whole lot, 😂8 out of 10 of my pictures I’m laughing, I promise I’m a serious person, sometimes.

3. I’m a very jumpy person, I jump too much like literally, 🤣💀 I don’t even know why. I think that’s why food isn’t even staying in my body.

4. I’m a spiritual person, I believe in the power of God, Faith, Grace…

5. I love taking pictures, it’s not even pictures of myself, but pictures of people, family and loved ones.

Growing up we had a camera in my house, we took pictures of everything. I remember I was 5/ 6 when I begged my grandma to please get me a camera, she told me when I turn 21. 21 felt like a really long time, but guess who is 21 now and still doesn’t have a camera, she doesn’t like it when I remind her about this😂

6. I’m a hopeless romantic person, Sweet gestures, effort, consistency, attention, random affection, compliments, all that >>>

I try to form hard guy hard guy sometimes but it does not work.

7. I have a very good memory, my memory is 10/10 I literally remember almost everything, dates, birthdays, which is one of the things that made studying history easy for me. Let’s just say I pay attention a lot.

8. I’m a very straightforward and expressive person. I’m not a fan of sugar-coating things.

9. I don’t even know if this is a fun fact, but I cannot watch horror movies that is literally like a punishment to me, I just can’t, I don’t even want.

10. I can’t dance to save myself, I can try and all but then it is always a mess 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

Well, that’s all the facts, I’m not sure if I’m missing anything…

Thank you for reading 💛

Fun/Random Facts About Me, Cont’d. 11 – 20

Is there anyone of the facts you can relate too? You can also tell me your fun facts too.

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