Fun/Random Facts About Me, Cont’d.

Fun/Random Facts About Me, Cont’d.

The first part 10 Fun\Random Facts About Me. I underestimated myself, who would have thought, apparently I have some more fun/ random facts about me. 11- 20

11. I have a very unique name, I haven’t heard/ seen anyone that bears my name yet, My mum deserves an award plixxx😂❤️

My mummy❤️

Most people I meet find it difficult pronouncing my name, so I always have to correct them, I don’t like being called any other name than my first name.

I saw a tweet that said, “To all my uniquely named humans if they say your name wrong, correct these MFS” that’s the energy we are bringing okay?

12. I’d rather read a book than watch a movie but the thing is I don’t like reading 😂😂 but I like reading what I write.

13. I hardly take my words back.

14. I love bright colours, it wasn’t always like that, growing up I was so scared of colours, it was always black for me, cause I felt I was too dark, so I avoided wearing bright colours, it was like that till I was in 100 level, 200 level I started seeing pictures and videos of black women telling us not to be scared of colours, there was even an hashtag #melaninpopping and all, that changed everything for me.

15. I hate notifications, especially when they get too much, I never allow mine to get too much. it just feels somehow having a lot of unreplied messages, so text me dears I reply on time.

16. I feel everybody in my life knows this but I’ll say it regardless, my favourite chocolate is Kitkat, I love love eeeetttt😍

17. This is more of a blessing I guess, I eat without gaining weight 😅 😁 I gain weight like a snail, and lose it like a cheetah, it is a struggle, that is changing soon anyway.

18. I cannot fight, I avoid it, it is a stress that I don’t like, I have never had a physical fight with anyone and I doubt I’ll ever, that’s the last thing I’d want to do, so please dears don’t come for me 😂

19. I love animals especially dogs, the ones that stay little forever have my heart, like the Mi-ki, Maltese😩❤️

20. Well I saved the best for last, I’m amazing! It is not a fun/ random fact but an actual fact 😂

Eyilayo 🍫✨

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