NYSC Chronicles (CDS)

NYSC Chronicles (CDS)

Heyy Heyy, I haven’t written in weeks, I didn’t think I was going to write again this month but then this happened. My NYSC Chronicles continues anyway, I’ll start by saying I redeployed/ relocated but I’ll give detailed writing much later. 

CDS (Community Development Service) it is once every week, it is usually on Thursday but there are different days depending on your CDS group. This part of NYSC we are divided into groups, there are different groups, there’s ICT and Education, editorial, EFCC, Sanitation etc.. I heard you could pick yours but I couldn’t pick, I was given mine which was Charity, the name is already self-explanatory, a group/ organisation set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.

Today was the first time I was present in my group and alas! The same today was a little different, I’m guessing that’s how it will be. We went on an outreach, to an old people’s home, I have never visited an old people’s home before, have you?

I grew up with my grandparents, they made life easy for me, my grandpa was and is still my best friend, being in school was the only time I was away from them.

At the old people’s home, I just stood there thinking, and it made me a little sad, we were told not to only stand but to greet them. I greeted them and they prayed, one old man caught my attention, he looked at me and smiled at me; then he told me, not everyone here is sick, most of us have children but they have other priorities and you know most times life gets in the way being busy and making ends meets. He had a lot to say I could guess, so I spoke with him and asked questions. He told me he got here last year (2019) and it was after the death of his wife, it just hit me on how certain things happen to people in life and that just changes everything. He had someone who was taking care of him but the person couldn’t cope well, so they brought him here. It made me sad even more but he told me he was okay with the way it was.

I asked him ”with the way he has lived his life, from his adulthood to his youth, his old age is he satisfied with the way things are now” he replied that ”he isn’t but there’s not much he could do” They are literally always there and can’t leave except their children come for them.

I hardly take pictures with people,I’d rather take their pictures but this time was different and I genuinely wanted to because of memories, it was honestly a beautiful moment.

It just made me appreciate life and the little things, the people we have around us , if you have old people around hug them, appreciate them, human interaction goes a long way

I told him I will come and visit again which with all my heart, I hope I am able to fulfill 💛

This is the first of many ✨

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Eyilayo 🍫✨