Women in  Photography

Women in Photography

Hiiii people, I have been away for a while now 🙈so much for consistency, I won’t talk much about that I will just go right into this blog post.

If you know me, you’ll know there’s one thing I love almost as much as I love food, it is taking pictures, both in front and behind the camera.

Early this year, I went for a photography hang out, I was particularly excited because according to the flyer, there would be female photographers who were going to talk about their experiences since I don’t see so much of that I wanted to go, only to get there and see that there were none in attendance. 

It was honestly really disappointing.

Anywaysss in no particular order, I’m going to list 10 female photographers whose work I love, looking forward to meeting and working with.

1. Ty Bello – When you think about Female photographers in Nigeria, a couple of names come to mind but one name you’d definitely mention is Ty Bello. She is an award-winning singer and photographer, she has been a photographer for 2 decades now. She was the personal photographer to the former president of Nigeria ( Goodluck Jonathan) She majors in portrait photography, she also does documentary and conceptual photography. 

Ty Bello

2. Eleanor Goodey – Eleanor Goodey is a Paris trained Nigerian portrait photographer who delights in taking beautiful portraits of individuals and families she’s popular for her Mother-Child Portraits.

Elenor Goodey Photography

3. Tolani Alli – Tolani Alli is award-winning Storyteller, A documentary photographer from Oyo State, Nigeria, raised in Flint and Lagos, Nigeria, grew up in Michigan, USA. According to an interview she said,

she has had the best of several worlds, her experiences shaped and sharpened her to document the special moments that occur in one’s lifetime

She is the personal photographer of the Vice President of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo SAN.

Tolani Alli

4. Kihmberlie – Kimberly Douglas is a self-portrait photographer and also a model based in California, USA. “The girl in front and behind the camera” she started taking self-portraits when she graduated from College with her associate of arts degree, she wanted to be a model but couldn’t afford a photographer to build her portfolio, that’s how she began shooting self-portraits. Her creativity is mind-blowing, and its always out of the little things. Her socials always show “the before and after” process.


5. Ovia Reflex – Bamidele OluwaPelumi is a Nigerian based photographer, graduate of the University of Ibadan. She’s a portrait photographer, she also does events, a little bit of everything photography and her photography is amazinggggggg in every sense of it.

In her interview she said

Photography is a great part of my life, just as the mirror helps to make people see a reflection of who they are, Photography makes me express who I am. It helps me reflect myself and personality through the pictures I create.

Ovia Reflex

6. Tolushotthis – Toluwanimi Amusan is the photographer that made me want to take photography professionally, I knew her through Twitter and I loved the way she took her pictures. I never got the chance to tell her how much I loved her work and how much she inspired me, I wish she knew 💛

Tolushotthis 💛

7. Fayokunmi -Fayokunmi Akindele is a Portrait Photographer but is not limited to that alone she does all kinds of photography. She started with phone photography before learning professionally, she has been shooting professionally for 2 years now. I love love seeing her works.


8. ToluAJG – Toluwanimi Ajagbe is a self-taught photographer, which is one of the things she’s very proud about, she started with phone photography then upgraded to an actual camera which she has been on for about 3 years now. She’s a portrait photographer, she also does events and weddings. I love her pictures, took a while before I decided on which one to post ❤️


9. Red19Photography – Kikelomo Koleosho is a Professional photographer at Red19photography she majors in Family, Maternity and Children Photography.

Her pictures are so beautiful to see just look at this 😍


10. M12Photography – Bisola Ijalana is the creative director of M12Photography which provides Maternity, Newborn and Child photography. Everything about her photography is adorable and so beautiful to see

The joy of new life”


11. Then there’s me Eyilayo, you will see a lot more soon 🥂✨

Please click on their links to see more of their awesome works, and you can let know you’re from me 😁

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Eyilayo 🍫✨