22 on the 22nd.

22 on the 22nd.


There’s not much to celebrate with all that is happening in Nigeria 💔you can please Read here! and see how you can help.

This past year I have felt so alone, I thought other years were not good enough but 2020 has been a whole lot for me.

I tried to stay away from socials, just to get away from everything but that didn’t help. If anything, it only made me think sadder, overthink and stress about things a lot more, especially the things I had no control about, not to make this blog post sad. So many things I want to say but I’ll keep this short.

I’m 22 today! I heard 22 starts the best years of your life?

All my life I have been waiting for the day I will be 22 on the 22nd yunno’ 2222

What I want this year,

• A good job that pays well I have been screaming about this for a while now and I pray I get it soon I really want that.

• To take photography a lot more seriously too, less talk more actions.

I spent the last years in school, I struggled a lot with my mental health and even when I was done with school I started work (NYSC) almost immediately so I haven’t had the break I need.

I hope in this new year, I get to travel a lot more than ever before, meet new people, tour just have fun, write a lot more and vlog about the experiences.

I want that and I hope I get it this new year.

Regardless of whatever, I want the year to be filled with joy, peace of mind and lot of blessings.

I know everything will work to together for good.

Here’s to 22🥂

I’m grateful for you, thank you for riding with me and the for constant love and support, it’s still the wheels fall off💛

I appreciate it a lot and it means the world to me.

Thank you for reading,

Xoxo! Birthday girl

Eyilayo 🍫✨